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An acronym name Superdaya of companies consists of Superspan ,Ducero and Sunrise Prima are well know in the building industry for its Quality products for Roofing, Cladding and Structural Specialist; Steel Truss & Wall Framing IBS Home and Renewable Energy & Solar Mounting Structure.

We have been providing input and shape our country in roof design, building structure provide solution to the supporting mounting structure for the PV Solar Module and provide modular homes at affordable prices to worldwide. In Malaysia, we provide roof designed over few thousand homes and building all over East and West Malaysia.

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Roofing, Cladding & Structural Specialist
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Steel Truss & Wall Framing IBS Home
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Renewable Energy & Solar Mounting Structure
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SuperDaya recognizes that employees are our greatest asset. We commit to provide a safe, healthy and positive working environment for all our staff and those under our care. We provide continuous improvement via training on self improvement program and skill development courses. SuperDaya is one of the companies with accreditation from SIRIM QAS Quality Assurance System Certification to BS5950, ISO9001:2015 and JKR approved vendor for LGST. We are also registered with CIDB as Grade G7 contractor.